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Internationally, there is a growing emphasis on standards in indexing and the assurance that quality standards have been met. It is for this reason, and to pre-empt the accreditation movement in other South African spheres, that ASAIB has moved ahead to set standards for quality professional indexers in Southern Africa.

Accreditation will be offered to registered members of ASAIB who have evidence that they are active and experienced in the indexing field. This is particularly important in the absence of formal tertiary qualifications in indexing in South Africa and will serve to distinguish between new and experienced indexers.

Accreditation evaluation will take place annually.

Individuals achieving accreditation will be entitled to use an indication of accreditation on their personal correspondence. The mark of accreditation will indicate excellent expertise in indexing.

Publishers will be assured of high quality indexes from accredited ASAIB indexers.

Accordingly, members achieving accreditation will be regarded as advanced professional members of ASAIB.

Accreditation will indicate professionalism in indexing to authors, publishers, editors and information professionals


Requirements for Accreditation

Accreditation will involve the submission of at least three published indexes by an ASAIB member to the ASAIB Executive Committee for evaluation.

·         These indexes must have been published in the previous three to five years in order to show that the indexer has demonstrated expertise and experience in indexing. Published indexes show that the indexer has performed work in the marketplace up to sufficient publishable market standards.

·         Unpublished indexes may not be submitted for accreditation purposes.

·         Citizenship of one of the Southern African countries must be demonstrated and all submitted works must have been published in the Southern African countries concerned.

·          Membership of ASAIB must be current. Past or non-current members of ASAIB cannot apply for accreditation.

·         The submission of three or more indexes in English or Afrikaans published during the previous three to five years is required.

·         The application form for accreditation must be submitted, together with proof of ASAIB membership and the non-refundable application fee of R 150-00. Contact the ASAIB Secretary, Madely du Preez for the application form at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Upon acceptance of the application, a further amount of R450-00 is payable for the evaluation of the submitted indexes.

·         The indexer should submit proof that the indexes are his/her own work. Such proof could consist of the publisher’s brief to the indexer.

·         It is the indexer’s responsibility to provide copies of the indexes as submitted to the publisher, as well as the final published indexes.

·         Submissions should be made before 30 September annually and the successful candidates will be awarded their certificates of accreditation at the following year’s ASAIB Conference.

·         Accreditation encourages indexers to be devoted to quality in indexing.  It attests to the achievement of special knowledge beyond basic indexing techniques. For this reason, advanced indexing training can be used as a motivating factor towards meeting accreditation standards. This training should be indicated on the application form.

·         Accredited indexers will be entitled to the use of the ASAIB Accreditation mark.



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